• Born 1966 in Budapest, Hungary. 
  • Married with Andrea, a mental health expert. Two little daughters.
  • A former Zen Buddhist for 8 years.
  • Christian Apologetics researcher, lecturer, writer and counselor since 1993.
  • Director of CFAR Hungary since 1998.
  • Full time ministry in Apologia Research Center (CFAR Hungary) since 2003.
  • Specialization: historical theology ( Ancient Church, Reformation), mission apologetics (World Religions, international cults, aberrant Christian groups), comparative theologies of religions.
  • Ministry: research, education, counseling.
  • Ministry goal: defending the identity and integrity of the Christian faith as defined in the Holy Scriptures and explained by the seven ancient Ecumenical Councils.
  • Employed: by the Hungarian United Methodist Church in teaching ministry.

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