Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2013. PhD (Lutheran Theological University, EHE) about "The Islamic View of Christianity" (abstract)
  • 2009. MA in Religious Studies (former King Sigismund Business School, now Milton Friedman University, MFU)
  • 2000. BA in Religious Education (Lutheran Theological University) 
  • 1996. BA German Language Teacher (ELTE-BTK)

Language skills

  • English, German
  • Biblical Hebrew and Greek (EHE), other religious languages on introduction level

Teaching experience

  • Invited to most Hungarian theological institutions (Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Reformed, Wesleyan) for seminars and trainings about Christian apologetics, world religions, cults, evangelism and spiritual health
  • Hundreds of lectures at churches, youth groups, bible circles, youth, church and pastor's conferences of more denominations about apologetics topics
  • Teaching classes in English: Calvary Chapel Summer Apologetics Camp (Austria), European Leadership Forum European Apologetics Network conference

Hungarian publications (see on the Hungarian page)

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